What is the puzzle site like?

The puzzle site is a completely natural area with trees, banked areas and walkways, grass, stones and plants. There are trip hazards like stones, sticks and rabbit holes and low branches that you may bump into if you are completely engrossed in the game! There are thistles, nettles and hawthorn trees which have the possibility of scratching, stinging or prickling.

Will the game still go ahead in bad weather?

Be.Wild.Er: Outdoor Puzzle Experience is an all-weather activity and we will only rearrange a booking for health and safety reasons in the event of torrential rain, high winds or lightning where Met Office weather warnings have been issued for Staffordshire. If we have to rearrange due to the weather we will give the ‘booking person’ at least 24 hours notice that the game will have to be rearranged. An alternative date and time will be offered. If a convenient new date and time cannot be arranged we will give the ‘booking person’ a full refund.

What should I wear?

Sturdy footwear is a must – trainers are fine: flipflops or stilettos might spoil your gameplay! Clothing that might get a bit muddy would also be good. You may prefer to wear trousers rather than shorts on a hot day to protect from bites or scratches. A waterproof coat might also help your experience on a rainy day as the game will operate in all weathers with the exception of high winds, lightning or torrential rain.

What should I bring?

You might want to bring a bottle of water because the game can be very active as there is a lot of area to cover. You may also want to bring your brain and your sense of humour!

Where will I park?

Amerton Farm has a large, free car park.

Are there toilets available?

Toilets are located through the ivy covered arch at the far end of the courtyard and on the right beyond it, please visit before your game as there are no toilets available once we walk to the puzzle area. There is also a disabled toilet and nappy changing facility.

Can a wheelchair access the site?

A wheelchair can access most areas of the site depending on its size. The ground is bumpy and stony in areas. We will happily send a video of the site to help with your assessment of whether it is suitable for a wheelchair.

If you have any further questions please email info@be-wild-er.co.uk