How we built the game #1

We knew that with a natural theme and holding Forest School qualifications, it was a no brainer that the puzzles and props had to be recycled or upcycled. Some bits we got for free, others were from charity shops and the odd one or two internet sourced.

There was just one part of the game that we needed help with and that was the all-important timer. For this we had to draft in Games Master Charlie of Live Escape Salisbury and, more importantly, my super talented brother-in-law. It wasn’t too big a design specification just … there’s no power, has to be waterproof and needs to fit in with our campsite theme! Needless to say, Charlie pulled it out the bag and, with his product design experience, knocked us up a timer.

Just a few bits of wire, a little soldering and a couple of magnets – that’s somebody who hasn’t got a clue talking! Not really much electronics when you see what else Charlie has designed and built! Look at the video below.

My hands have a starring role in this video!

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